Monday, July 23, 2007

My Writing

I am trying to post this in the Seven Soldiers thread at Newsarama, but, once again, Newsarama is down:

It’s the 23rd and the only issue I’ve posted this month was on the 9th. Today I should be posting Mister Miracle #3, but I’m not. I am not surprised that there has been a delay in a Mister Miracle commentary. The previous two were also delayed, but not this long. A month from now I am going to the Philippines for my first overseas trip and if I could just step on it I could get it all done before hand. That’s not going to happen. There are too many things in my non-virtual life making demands on my time right now. It’s impacting my other writing too. This will be the first Monday since I went back to PBR that I don’t have a review. A couple of ideas for articles there have been pushed back too. My writing for subter isn’t being impacted because it really doesn’t involve much work on my part (yet, anyway, there are changes coming!). It’s just an article no bigger than one of these Seven Soldiers posts, once a month. I haven’t quit by any means. I’ve enjoyed writing this and look forward to seeing it through to the end. The commentary for Mister Miracle #3 is coming. The commentary for the rest of the story is coming. And I’ll post it when it’s ready.

There is good news! At work we got the fall DC catalogue and this November JLA: Ultramarine Corps is coming. It contains the JLA Classified prequel to Seven Soldiers and another story in which the League meets the WildCats. Price: $14.99 US and $17.99 CDN. ISBN: 1401215645, ISBN-13: 9781401215644.

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Westside Goth said...

looking forward to ultramarine corps. trade. lots of good collections in October(or advance solicited in October previews.)