Thursday, July 19, 2007

Two Litres?

Last December I posted about my attempt to consume the correct amount of water per day. I'm getting older and thinking about my health and I decided "Hey, I'll try to drink more water!" I went at it in good faith, but in the months since I've made the two litre goal once. Maybe. Actually, I think I'm drinking less now altogether.

Why? Because in my heart of hearts I still think the whole hydrate thing is nuts. I really do. Someone who sums it all up nicely is Lewis Black. Now Black has what is technically called a 'potty mouth,' so if you're likely to be offended don't click on the video, but he really says all there is to say on the Aquacult:

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Westside Goth said...

re: i had heard there were multiple copies of the manuscript to throw off spoilers, but still-the inconsiderate nature of people is frustrating.

btw, lewis black is hilarious.