Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Disease of Language

Finally got back to my writing! This is a special review. You'll notice it doesn't come with a letter grade. I've never liked them and after whining for a long, long time, Bart made it possible for me to upload a review without one. Thanks Bart!

This is an unusual book, containing three separate pieces. Two are adaptations, by Campbell, of live performances of Moore, and the third is an interview of Moore, again by Campbell, originally for Egomania.

The first part, ‘The Birth Caul’, takes its name from the discovery of his mother’s caul among her personal affects (she had recently died of cancer). The caul is those bits of the amniotic sac that get stuck to the baby’s head and face. It was once believed that keeping one in your possession would save you from drowning. In the piece Moore draws associations between...

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