Monday, November 12, 2007

Rainy Day Walk

Winter has come to Victoria and that means rain and wind. And more rain and wind. Talia slept over last night, and this morning Emmie and I took her for a walk. We didn't go far, its only a block from our place to the ocean, and it was ten minutes before we turned back. When Talia realised we were going home she started to cry.

We're home drinking hot chocolate now.

Rainy Day Walk Part 2.

The weather looked like it was clearing up, so we decided to take another shot at a walk. We went to the pond to feed the ducks. Gulls, as it turned out.

On the way Talia stopped to collect some flags. Only a Canadian kid would call maple leaves flags.

She stopped to slash in the puddles.

When we got to the water, she very solemnly offered up her 'flags'. No idea why.

The gulls made short work of the bread.

I spent a great deal of the time chasing her hat.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Rainy
day walks always were a
favorite of mine being from
the east coast a couple of
miles from the Bay of Fundy. Even to this day I sleep best during the dark windy rainy nights...:)

Joshua said...

Wow David! You live in a gorgeous neighborhood. I wish Akron had places like that. The girls are too cute. Nice genes buddy!