Thursday, December 27, 2007

Changes Continue

I changed the format yesterday and I will be keeping it this way for at least a little while. I want to give it a chance. I have reorganized my Links and Writing Projects. I dropped a couple of links and added a couple more. The ones dropped were for the Seven Soldiers site, which is linked in Writing Projects. I dropped one of the links because of the duplication, but its still linked under Comics and well worth checking out. I dropped an old friend's blog, because I have had very little contact with him. I added The Beat and Newsarama. The former is an extremely important industry blog, the latter, while also important, is also where I spend far too much time. I also dropped subter, as I am no longer writing for them. They have a new link under Writing Projects: Miscellaneous.

My revised Writing Projects groups a lot of things under new headings. My old ones are now under Comics, which includes both Seven Soldiers and Criminal: An Appreciation, and Spiritual, which includes the New Testament study and Dispensationalism. Miscellaneous contians links to my subter writings... and that's all for now. But that will change.

I notice the new format doesn't work from some of the older posts - particularly those with multiple cover pictures. If I have the time (or absolutley nothing to do) I may fix that.

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