Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Looking Ahead

Well, Christmas is past and a new year is also upon us. It was an interesting Christmas for a lot of reasons, some of which I discussed a couple of posts ago, but I am looking ahead to the new year and trying to make a shift in where I direct my energies. I am taking a break from subter. The next two pieces, for January, will be my last for the foreseeable future. I am describing this as an hiatus, but I have no return date. I took a break from Paperback Reader once, only to return in a short time. That may happen with subter as well. We'll see.

As for where I want to direct my energies, there is that old New Testament study I started over a year ago and never got back to. There are a couple of other Bible studies I am interested in starting up as well. Part of that 1000 days thing. I really, really want to get my fiction writing up and running. That means working on the novel more than once in a while. And... Image/Shadowline has announced a writing contest that I have decided to enter. I have never really aspired to be a comics writer, but this is a rare opportunity (its very hard to break into comics nowadays) so I thought I should submit something now and not regret having done nothing later. Some guys are making dozens of submissions, but I think I will concentrate on polishing up one really good one.

I am also going to experiment with the blog's format, so things may look a little different here. But the substance will remain the same.

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