Thursday, December 27, 2007


NOTE: Most of my posts on this subject are now appearing at my other blog, Christian Beta.
Having been a Christian since I was 18, spiritual matters naturally come up on this blog. I have a couple of writing projects that specifically stem from this interest. The first, the New Testament Study, was started at the end of 2006 and all but abandoned throughout 2007 - but I haven't given up on it! The second, on Dispensationalism, was largely completed at an older blog, but I still add to it from time to time.

New Testament Study


There are other things on the blog of a spiritual nature, many of them worth your time and attention, but I am going to limit the things linked here to longer pieces and reviews.

Some Thoughts on Biblical Literalism (This is an article for subter. I have to admit that I am not altogether happy with it.)

Jesus And Yahweh: The Divine Names

God Is Love: Correspondence With Dave Sim

My Testimony

AD 381

The Fall Of The Evangelical Nation

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