Thursday, December 27, 2007


I was a staff writer for subter webzine from October 2006 to December 2007. I wrote an article a month for the first year and then an article and column, World At Large, every month for the first four months of the second year.

October 2006:
Hezbollah and Ensuring Peace in Lebanon

November 2006:
The Universe And The Cosmoses

December 2006:
A Blank Cheque

January 2007:
Canada is at War

Febuary 2007:
Love Again

March 2007:
Buffy at Ten

April 2007:
What an Awful Month

May 2007:
Leaving Iraq

June 2007:
Urban Nature

July 2007:
The Kindest Cut

August 2007:
Some Thoughts on Biblical Literalism

September 2007:
When Cockroaches Inherit the Earth

October 2007:
My First Trip Overseas

November 2007:
Cosmic Radiation

December 2007:

World At Large

October 2007:
Another Perspective on Russian Nationalism

November 2007:
Prosecuting Black Water

December 2007:
American Suez

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