Saturday, December 1, 2007


I am posting my two subter pieces a day early. Well, not really. Its past midnight where the site is based, but its only past 9pm here. I see they've embedded the title, etc, into the picture on my main article (which I seem to recall entitling 'Wikipedia', not 'Wiki'). A creative step up there. I've also noticed a big typo at the beginning of the American Suez piece. I'll get the editor on that ASAP.

In 1999 Jimmy Wales, a self-described ‘anti-credentialist’ who’d made his fortune as an options trader, set out to reinvent the way people learned about the world around them. He launched a peer reviewed, online encyclopedia, that could be accessed at no cost to the user. But the site, Nupedia, struggled from the start. Looking for a way to speed things up the decision was made to create an open source process that would allow anyone to contribute materials for the site. These would then be subject to the site’s planned peer review process. To do this they borrowed an idea developed in 1994 by Ward Cunningham...


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