Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blaming Victims

The BBC reports violence against Christians in India, but can't help but find some cause to blame the Christians too. Ultimately, it links the cause of the violence is businessmen, with ties to Hindu nationalist parties, who are exploiting the poor. When the poorest -- the Dalits (who used to be referred to as 'untouchables') -- opt out of a social-religious system that ensures their exploitation, whether it be by becoming Christians, Muslims, or Buddhists, Hindu nationalists rise up and try to coerce them into returning to their place at the bottom of the caste system. In one village the Christians responded to have their homes and churches destroyed and being driven out into the jungle by burning the homes of their persecutors. So naturally they must share equal responsibility, the BBC reasons! If any other group rose up against their persecutors, they would be said to be defending themselves.

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