Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Clinton Rebounds In New Hampshire

In 1992 Bill Clinton's bid to become president seemed to go off the rails when he did poorly in Iowa. He used the momentum of a second place finish in New Hampshire to convince voters he was the 'Comeback Kid' and went on to win the presidency. Last week his wife's second place finish in Iowa had everyone writing she political obituary. Even as the voting began, her campaign was dead in the water. But, with the votes counted, she finished ahead of Obama 39% to 37%.

On the Republican side, McCain's victory wasn't entirely a surprise. When it came to red voters, no one was expected to turn New Hampshire into a springboard to the White House. Nevertheless, it was a great night for the man and his supporters. A failure would have meant the end for him.

So nothing has been decided. And that's a good thing. These are two very small states, after all, and, as exciting as it has been, a wider canvassing of votes should be necessary before tallying the results.

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