Thursday, January 10, 2008

Evaluating My Pull List

Last year I decided to make the switch from monthlies to trades only and this year is my transition year. I still have a pull list at Curious Comics, but its now under ten titles.

I am only getting two titles from the Big Two, and both are from imprints and not their mainstream titles. From DC/Vertigo I am getting Scalped, the story of an undercover agent on a Dakota reservation. Its an intense, noir-ish title with a lot of political undertones. I actually dropped it at the conclusion of the last arc, but changed my mind. I guess I am not entirely ready for the switch. From Marvel/Icon I am getting Criminal. Its another crime title, following a series of low lifes. There have been two arcs so far and will likely be another five. I picked it up because I enjoy Brubaker, but I am continuing to get it as a monthly because I enjoy the film reviews. If they were to stop, I would switch to the trades.

From Dark Horse I am getting Buffy: Season Eight and the various Mignola titles: Hellboy, B.P.R.D., Lobster Johnston, Abe Sapien. I picked up Buffy because it continues from where the TV show left off and its stories are considered to be within the official story canon. I didn't care for the first arc, written by Whedon himself, but I did like the following arc by Brian K. Vaughn and the last issue was great. Of the Mignola-verse, there are two minis starting up. This week saw the issue one of B.P.R.D. 1946 and later this month we'll get the start of Abe Sapien. I don't know how many more arcs we'll this year. The last time a Hellboy movie came out, the comics all but stopped for a couple of years and there is a new movie on the horizon.

From Image I am getting Casanova, a one of their two slimline titles. The other title is Fell, which I love, but its publication is so inconsistent that I dropped it. I don't need the frustration of always waiting, but never knowing when there is going to be another issue. I'll wait for the trade. With Casanova, each arc's publication schedule has been reliable and the stories themselves have been a great deal of fun.

From Archaia I am getting Mouse Guard, which I have always enjoyed. I don't know how many arcs there will be. Its on its second, with at least one more to come.

That would be it, but I just recently made an exception and added a title, Dave Sim's upcoming Glamourpuss. Sim is one of the medium's most talented creators and, if his views are controversial, his work is always worth checking out.

So I have eight titles: Abe Sapien, B.P.R.D. 1946, Buffy, Casanova, Criminal, Glamourpuss, Mouse Guard, and Scalped. Abe and B.P.R.D. are both five issue minis. There will be more B.P.R.D. minis to come. As far as I know, there isn't a planned follow up to Abe. Casanova, Criminal, and Mouse Guard also tell their stories in a series of minis. Casanova and Criminal both plan a total of seven. Casanova is five issues into its second and Criminal will be starting its third soon. Mouse Guard is in its second, with a third already announced. Sim doesn't know how many issues Glamourpuss will run, it starts in April, but it won't be collected until its complete. Buffy and Scalped are longer running titles. Each are monthlies, but Buffy only intends to run for about 30 issues. Scalped is an ongoing, but its sales are pretty bad. If it weren't a Vertigo title, I doubt it would have finished its first year. It will be interesting to see what happens to that imprint once their best selling titles -- Fables, Y -- wrap up. As it stands, I could have as little as two comics a month this year. That's quite a drop for me.

There is one more title on my list: Planetary. There is only one issue left to the series, but when it comes is any one's guess. Fans have been waiting for it for a long, long time. Hopefully sometime this year. After this year I will re-evaluate again and see which of these will go.

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Westside Goth said...

fables looks to have a while left to go but once Y they'll definitly be itching for another major hit. DMZ and scalped are doing well but haven't reached the sales plateau of fables or y(or even 100 bullets which is almost over as well).

i'll check out young liars from stray bullets/batman: city of crime creator david lapham. his work is hit and miss with me but i like his art style.

i think for some reason dropping titles is a bit tough for me because if i really like the character or creator i cut them more slack then they deserve. but i expect to cut at least 5 titles within the next few months. but who knows...