Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Yesterday was Michigan's chance to influence the selection of the next president.

Team Red: Romney finally won one. He had been consistently placing second, in spite of being ahead of the others in national polls. Now he has a win of his own to hold up. So now Huckibee, McCain, and Romney each have one. Some -- a lot, actually -- have been saying that this is indicative of lack of direction in the Republican party, but I think its a great situation. Great for drama and for the system. Why should the nomination be wrapped up before most even get a chance to participate? It would be great to see Super Tuesday shatter the field in a half dozen directions and have this summer's convention remembered as the one that mattered.

I'd like to see the same thing for Team Blue, though it doesn't have as many viable candidates. In Michigan Clinton ran unopposed. Apparently the State scheduled the primary's date over the objections of the party, so the party disavowed the vote. The other candidates withdrew their names at the party's request, but Hilary stayed in and won with just over half the votes. How you run unopposed and still only get half the votes is any one's guess. Michigan went ahead with its vote believing that that party will back down and allow them to participate at the convention. We'll see. If anyone sweeps the February 5th vote, the party will have no need to include Michigan.

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