Thursday, January 3, 2008

Obama and Huckabee Win In Iowa

The long, tortuous US presidential process went to the polls for the first time today, with the Iowa caucus vote.

It wasn't too long ago that Hilary Clinton had in wrapped up. She was far ahead in the race for the Democratic nomination and Giuliani was likely to win for the Republicans -- which meant that a significant number of Republicans (read: evangelicals) would stay home and thereby ensure the presidency for Hilary. And today? She's in third place. Obama won 38% of the vote, Edwards 29.7%, and Clinton 29.5%.

On the Republican side, Huckabee came out of nowhere and Giuliani was no where to be seen, with 34% and 4% respectively. But next week in New Hampshire Republican voters are likely to give the exact opposite result. We really don't know who is going to win for the GOP, though Giuliani is still in the lead nationally. The Democratic field is much the same as it was in Iowa. Clinton is slightly ahead of Obama, but not enough to prevent another turn out like tonight's. Edwards is expected to place third, but if he can focus the momentum from tonight that may change. If Clinton loses in New Hampshire she will be hard pressed, over the next month, to prove she is still capable of getting to the White House.

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