Saturday, January 26, 2008

South Carolina

Obama won the state with 55% of the vote. No surprise at all.

The Clintons demonstrated why they should not be re-elected to the presidency, deliberately spreading lies in order to exploit divisions -- or potential divisions. Interestingly, Hilary did not get the support of most women, her key constituency. Edwards did poorly, but there are only 9 days left to Super Tuesday, so there is very little reason for him to drop out now. Clinton got 27% and Edwards 18%.

The elected delegate count now stands at 63 for Obama, 48 for Clinton, and 26 for Edwards, but Clinton continues to lead due to her superdelegate support. She has 182 for a total of 230, Obama has 89 for a total of 152, and Edwards has 35 for a total of 61. There are 796 superdelegates in total, so most are still up for grabs. Events today and on February 5 will make of the minds of many of them.

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