Friday, January 11, 2008

Who Is The Final Cylon?

Who is the final Cylon?

In this Entertainment Weekly article the show's producer, Ron Moore, indicated that the final character is not in this picture.

The Season Four cast photo for "Battlestar Galactica" has solved at least one mystery - who won't be the final Cylon.

Executive Producer Ron Moore says this 'Last Supper'-themed spread in Entertainment Weekly is missing a key person - that being the last of the twelve Cylon models yet to be revealed.

"You ferreted that out pretty slyly, I didn't want to give that away" said Moore when the magazine figured it out. Not shown in the photo are the likes of semi-regulars like Gaeta, Dualla, Cally, Dr. Cottle and Tom Zarek.
But really - would Moore give up so important a revelation so easily? It makes no sense at all. Yes, the person I think is the final Cylon is in the picture, but I think I'm right. About Moore not really giving up the identity of the Cylon, I mean.

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