Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Steve Gerber, 1947-2008

Steve Gerber died yesterday. I started reading comics in the mid 70s and was a huge fan for what, in hindsight, was probably no more than three or four years, before I became a teen and put it all aside. But for the years I was a fan, I was a huge Marvel fan. Sure, I read Batman and the Legion of Super-Heroes, but Marvel that got almost all my time and attention. I wasn't a very sophisticated fan. I didn't care about the writers or the artists. I knew Gulacy because his work looked so different. All I really cared about were the characters and the stories. When I got older (I came back to comics around age 20), I realized that one person produced many of the best stories was Steve Gerber. Over at The Beat Heidi MacDonald has written a great article on Gerber and that time, Trapped In A World He Never Made.

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