Monday, March 3, 2008

Galactica Log: 001

Welcome to my new PBR column, entry 001!

I thought about doing a Battlestar Galactica column for a while but hesitated because, first off, I don't get to watch the show when it airs. I live in a reasonably large city, but it gets terrible TV reception. The only way you can get any reception worth the name is to get a cable subscription. At one point, Victoria had more cable subscribers than any other community in North America. I don't know if that's true anymore, but I do know that everyone who has cable complains that there is so little good on that they don't know why they bother. I've decided to learn from their mistake and not bother subscribing. So I get to see the show a day or so later. Not the end of the world.

The other reason is that I have been a reviewer here for a few years, but I have never tried to maintain a regular column. I try to write one or two reviews a week and I’m comfortable with that. I do have a couple irregular columns, Suggestion Box and Stop Gap Reviews, but this would mean at least twenty columns over the next few months. So here I am committing to a regular column, really for the first time.

So why now? Quite simply, because Battlestar Galactica is a great show and it’s a great show with a lot of meat on it. It’s a rare example of Hard SF on TV and its one of the few programs that deals with spirituality in a serious manner. And this is its last season, when a great many plot points have to be resolved. It has the potential to be one of the television’s best seasons. Period. Of course, it has the potential to be an absolute mess. But it should be interesting either way.

At 44 I am old enough to remember when the original series aired, and because I remember it I avoided the new show for the first couple of seasons. I know the old show is a guilty pleasure for some, but, really, you should feel guilty! It was terrible! The only reason I watched it was because I was 15 and I had a thing for Maren Jenson, the original Athena. But even my adolescent hormones could not keep me distracted from the rest of the program. So I didn't watch the new show. I wouldn't watch. Even though friends who had never recommended any TV before were insisting that I had to try it! So I got the first season DVD set and liked it enough that I decided try the second season too, as soon as it was available in a single, reasonably priced, package. That was before I got to the end of the first season. As soon as Boomer opened fire on Adama I rushed out and bought the first season two set and I have been eating it up as soon as possible every since.

Now, if you're paying attention, there was a spoiler in the last paragraph, but only if you haven't seen the first season! In this column I am going to assume you have seen everything that’s aired. If that means spoilers, then there will be spoilers. It’s been so long since we’ve had anything new – Razor was already two months ago – that I think anything is fair game at this point, but if you’re watching the show you shouldn’t have any concerns.

The season three DVD set is out March 18 and the fourth season starts on April 4. There should be another column or two before then, but I don’t really expect this column to get on its feet before the new season. Meanwhile, here are a couple of links to bring you up to date. The first is an eight and a half minute summation of the first three seasons. It’s from the Sci-Fi channel, but here is a link where it isn’t blocked to viewers outside the US. There are also a lot promos for the new season available online, and here they have all been spliced together here for you to enjoy!

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