Wednesday, March 5, 2008

McCain Republican Nominee, Democrats Soldier On

Last week I said that if Clinton even narrowly wins in Ohio and Texas, she will trumpet it as major victories and continue until the convention. Last night there was nothing narrow about her win in Ohio, and, though the Texas delegate count continues, it looks like she's taken that state too. She has taken the primary. The caucus is still counting.

There was nothing unclear about the Republican results. John McCain will be the nominee. Huckebee was conceded this and dropped out. Both Clinton and Obama called to congratulate him. President Bush is expected to formally endorse him soon.

As things stand at this moment Clinton has taken sixteen delegates from Obama's lead. Not much, and when the Texas caucus has been counted, maybe not even that. She won because she took the white, working class male vote, and she won the votes of people who had mind up their minds in the last few days. The latter fact may signal a rough road to the convention. Clinton turned to negative campaigning to shore up her supporters, with commercials attacking Obama's ability to lead in a crisis and questioning the seriousness of the Illinois Senator's new protectionist stance. In the end, the Democrats have done a lot of work to little progress. The delegate count means the superdelegates will continue as kingmakers and the continued fight for the nomination means that the party will spend its energies fighting amongst itself while the Republicans fight for the presidency.

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