Thursday, May 22, 2008

McCain Democrats

I haven't posted anything on this past week's votes, but Clinton took Kentucky by a wide margin and Obama took Oregon handily. She gained 58 delegates to his 46, but talk of a late surge is pretty much pointless. To win you need 2026 delegates. He has 1962 to her 1777. He needs 64 to her 249; or, he's within 3 percentage points of a majority to her 12 percent. There are only three more votes and then its over. There are only another 102 pledged delegates are stake. She can't catch up. Her only hope is to bring in Michigan and Florida and then win them. If she does, then maybe, maybe, she'll win. But it'll be a power move that will alienate at least as many people as it will please, and probably more.

Polls in Kentucky showed that a lot of her supporters would not vote for Obama in November. They would either vote McCain or stay home. Its not just Kentucky. A lot of her supporters believe she has a right to the nomination and will not vote for anyone else. And this is way the Republicans keep getting the White House. Its not that they win the election; its that the Democrats lose. Again and again. Lewis Black, in his typical, deliberately offensive, manner compared the Democrat's loses to George W to putting a healthy athelete in the special Olympics and losing. If her supporters do stay home it will mean another four (+) years of Republican administration and they will be to blame.

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