Sunday, June 1, 2008

Busy Weekend For The Democrats

This weekend saw the final decision made on the Florida and Michigan delegates and voting in Puerto Rico. The delegate decision reinforces the idea that the Democratic party is out of ideas. After weeks of debate, legal maneuvering, and controversy the Democrats decided to do what the Republicans did months ago and cut the votes in half. For reasons I don't understand, they gave each delegate half a vote, instead of simply cutting the number of delegates in half, as the Republicans did. The results are the same, except in one important way. The Republicans made up their minds before the vote, saving them all this trouble.

With the new delegates, the Democratic nominee needs 2,118 votes, instead of 2,026. An increase of 92. Obama needs 51 more, he has 2,067. He is 98 percent of the way there. Clinton has 1,909 and needs another 209. She's at 90 percent. Today they are voting in Puerto Rico and on Tuesday Montana and South Dakota. It looks like Clinton is going to take the Caribbean territory and get two-thirds of its 55 delegates. Approximately 36; they haven't finished counting yet. That would bring their counts up to 1,945 for her and 2,086 for him. I'll do a final, proper count Tuesday, when the last two votes are held. Those states have 31 votes between them. If they all voted for Obama, and they will not, he would still be one short. It all comes down to the superdelegates. Something we've known for months.

While the party decided on the delegates, Clinton supporters were outside getting very rowdy.

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