Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Pull List

I went in and got my comics today. I dropped a couple of titles, Abe Sapien and Criminal. I know. Sapien is done anyway. But I am now only getting Mignola in trade! I also gave them this list:



1. Glamourpuss

Archaia Studios Press:

2. Mouse Guard

Cartoon Books:

3. Rasl

Dark Horse:

4. Buffy: Season Eight


5. Planetary


6. Liberty Meadows


7. Sky Doll
8. Universal War One


Dark Horse:

1. Blade of the Immortal
2. Gunsmith Cats: Burst
3. Shadow Star

VIZ Media:

4. Battle Angel Alita: Last Order

Eight monthlies and four trades. I use the term 'monthly' very loosely. The last issue of Planetary and the next issue of Liberty Meadows will be along... Sometime. Maybe. Same goes for Shadow Star. Mouse Guard and Rasl are also overdue. Supposedly bi-monthlies there hasn't been an issue of the former since February and the second issue of the latter was supposed to be last month. The Soliel titles are on there because I'd like to see more Euro titles. Sky Doll has two more issues and will be done in July. That's when Universal War One starts. It goes to the end of the year. Glamourpuss has only had one issue so far. It was okay, but it will need to be more than that or I'll drop it after a couple more issues. The only dependable monthly on the list is Buffy. It has a limited run, but that run keeps getting extended. Right now its up to forty or fifty issues. (I haven't forgotten. They aren't sure.) I don't know if I want to stay that long. Right now I am at a point where my monthly pull list is only three or four comics. By the end of the year, only two.

As for trades, besides Shadow Star, I am getting Battle Angel Alita: Last Order, Gunsmith Cats: Burst, and Blade of the Immortal. All manga, and all old-school 90s manga. Titles that have been published as left to right monthlies. In Shadow Star's case it was a part of Dark Horse's Super Manga Blast. Its publication has been pretty much on hold for a while. As the story continues it has gotten pretty dark and I think Dark Horse has shied away from finishing it. The other titles are a fairly reliable one or two volumes a year. I wish it were more, but what can you do?

Content-wise I think it is safe to say I have returned to my regular reading choices. I went through a superhero phase, which I enjoyed and am completely unapologetic about, but it looks like that's behind me.

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Scott M Davis said...

Small pull there Bird. I dropped all my monthlies last time I was at Yellow Jacket myself. Opting to go with trades only now unless if its something I really want.

I get 34 different titles in trades!