Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 300

Okay, tomorrow is day 300, but my vacation has started and I won't be here to blog. I am so glad my vacation is finally here! Its not that things were particularly stressful, but I have been hanging on, waiting for one thing after the other before anything could be finalized. First it was my brother Dan's schedule. We planned to go and finally meet the Brown sisters on the Labour Day weekend, but he couldn't make it then. So we went for the August long weekend and it turns out that he couldn't get away at all! He lives in Australia, so its not like he can just hop in a car, train, plane, whatever. Then we had to wait for my wife to get clearance for her vacation. I don't know anyone like her employer for acting like its doing her a favour she doesn't really deserve when its only meeting its employees' minimum rights! There was a final factor that turned out to have a major influence on our plans, but I am not at liberty to discuss it. I will be this time next month. Very big news indeed!

So I am going on vacation. How does my 299th day feel? I feel I am doing well, all in all. Personal devotions are going well. Very consistent. I've brought people to church and I am teaching a couple of Bible studies. And I am leading a study group on Wednesday nights. Yet, I don't think this is the answer I am looking for. I have everything lined up as well as could be expected, but, as I said to someone last week, there has to be more to being a Christian than behaving myself and sharing the gospel with others. Churches tend to be geared towards saving the lost, which is good and proper, but it also means that they are geared towards newcomers. Babies in the Lord. I have been a Christian for almost twenty seven years. I need meat, not milk. I need something other than a spiritual daycare. But what? I don't know. Yet. I have been thinking that I need a specific, personal ministry. A calling to... I don't know. I have a lot of 'ministries' in my church. They're jobs that need doing, but that's not what I mean. So, that's where I am thirty percent of the way through. Looking for a calling.

So you all when I get back!

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