Friday, July 11, 2008

Site Updates

I did a little site maintenance today. Mainly on the links list, but I also removed the BSG blogroll connections. That will probably be back once the show is. Gone are links to my LCS, Newsarama's blog, and Paperback Reader. I haven't quit Paperback Reader, not as such, but I am not writing for them either. I simply wasn't using the other two links. I also separated my friends' sites, crating a new category for them, from the more general sites and added Journalista and two news sites to my main links list, the BBC and CBC News.

I have also added New Scientist, a magazine I read and have, just today, subscribed to. I usually get my information online these days, but that means my regular mail is just bills and flyers. I wanted a weekly magazine, something I could look forward to, and New Scientist was an easy choice.

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