Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Troubling Times For Manga Fans

First Tokyopop, long the leader for North American manga publishing, announced lay offs and a big cut in their production schedules, now the Japanese manga giant Kodansha has announced that it is moving into the US market directly. It will be translating and selling its own material. In the long term, this could be excellent news for manga fans. In the short term it is going to mean some confusion. Currently Kodansha licences its titles to North American publishers (Del Ray, Dark Horse), but will it continue now that the company is selling things directly? Right now no one knows.

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Westside Goth said...

yeah... i'm going to be annoyed if they take back Gunsmith Cats and start rerelasing it just like Dark Horse did last year.

anyway my manga series from Tokyopop should be safe. one's half done(only 4 volues total) and was nominated for some award. the second is by popular mangaka Tohru Fujisawa and no word about any cancellation to the two volumes already listed on Amazon(the second volume out in two weeks). and alstly, the Fruits Basket Ultimate Collections. since the main series is their top seller i doubt their going to stop these special editions.

on the flip side, in anime news, Funimation saved a dozen licenses by working out a deal with Geneon which closed shop several months ago. many people onyl expected a couple titles but Funi went after more then the guarenteed hits.