Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Presidential Race Continues

I haven't posted anything on the US election in a couple of months. Occasionally I've meant to, but there hasn't been a lot of motivation. I mean, once the nominees were clear, not a lot has happened. I know what you're thinking, but seriously, what has happened?

Sure McCain picked Palin to shore up his ties to the Evangelical wing of his party, and now the race is a statistical dead heat, but who else were the Evangelicals going to vote for? Republicans always hold their collective noses and vote for their man. And the last two elections were dead heats. The 2004 election was won by 1.4 percent of the vote. The 2000 election by 0.5 percent. And the popular vote went to Gore! Right now either man could win the popular vote or the Electoral College. Its all about who gets their supporters to the polls.

Obama has had a lot of support from young people and blacks, but both groups tend to favour Democratic candidates anyway. When they bother to actually vote. That's right. Two of Obama's key constituents have a long history of not actually going to the polls. And when they do they often face hurdles other voters don't. For reasons no one outside the US understands, myself included, America allows party officials to actively try and prevent other people from voting.

I am predicting right now that, even if Obama wins, there win be a lot of challenges and anger following the November vote, as people demand their right to cast a vote, and that electoral reform will be a big issue for the next Congress.

No sooner do I post than I read this: High Turnout, New Procedures May Mean an Election Day Mess.

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