Monday, September 29, 2008

Site Updates

Two things. I have added Paperback Reader back to my links. Looks like my summer hiatus is finally coming to an end. I will soon start an issue by issue look at the comic Fables. After thinking about it for far too long I have decided to call it simply Issue By Issue. I will be posting them here too.

I have also started a Facebook group, Canada Should Join The European Union, to promote the idea I put forward in my last post. I sent invites to friends in Canada and Europe, though not all of them, I didn't think some would be interested. As soon as I hit send for the invites I got an error message, so I checked and found that some got the invite and some didn't. You can't re-invite people using the group invite feature, so I had to re-invite them by email. It was one of those moments when you have to decide whether its really worth it.

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