Thursday, October 23, 2008

Easier Than You'd Think

I was thinking about how difficult its going to be for Obama to live up the all the expectations his candidacy has risen, when it suddenly occurred to me: it isn't going to be difficult at all!

Some people are voting for him because he's black. This is a historic election and his winning will do a lot of reshape how America sees itself.

Many people are voting for him because he isn't a Republican, and that includes a lot of people who would otherwise vote Republican. Colin Powell is far from the only person who is tired with the way the country is going. For months people have been predicting a strong, strong showing for Democrats in the Congressional elections. Five Republican Senators and twenty six Republican Representatives aren't even seeking re-election. Three Republican Representatives failed to re-win their nomination. Conversely, there are no Democrat incumbents retiring from the Senate and only six from the House of Representatives. Only one failed to re-win his nomination.

Of course the single largest group voting for him are doing to because they are Democrats and he is their nominee.

What all three groups share is that Obama can earn their vote simply by winning!

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Anonymous said...

Ah, but is Barack HUSSEIN Osama -- pardon me, Obama -- really up to the job? Is he qualified? Is he even American? Check out the awful truth!

-- TLB