Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 400

Day 400 was yesterday and its kind of fitting that I post a day late. I feel like I've got nothing done at all. Procrastination is King! I have been meaning to do a few things forever, and I could do them easily, but I never seem to. Forty percent through and I am looking back at what I should have done. Not good.

The changes Makayla have made to our lives have slowly begun to sort themselves out. Erratic sleep and early wakings are still a problem. She'll grow out of both, but it'll take time. On the plus side, I've started another Bible study, with an enthusiastic student (which always helps). And I have written two drafts of a short story. Its a long way from finished, but I feel that I am at least making some small progress in that area.

My next entry will mark the half way point. A time of reckoning.

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