Monday, February 9, 2009

The Outhouse

The Outhouse is a comics site and the place you're most likely to find me when I'm online is at its Asylum forum. The site was originally created by Newsarama poster John Lewis as a place to hang out online, but it wasn't around long before a change in the structure of the Newsarama forums angered many of its posters and a lot of them went over to the Outhouse. The change wasn't that dramatic really, Matt Brady divided the main forum into a series of sub-forums, and it wasn't long before everyone was back at NRama. But that didn't mean the end of it for the Outhouse. Instead, it got a boost in membership and kept it. I wasn't one of the original posters at the Outhouse, but I did join before this fanboy crisis brought in new membership. I didn't like the change at NRama, but I never quit posting there.

Last year NRama was bought by a company called Imaginova, who effectively downgraded the site's forum, throwing away much of its functionality. This led to a second, much bigger boost in Outhouse membership and activity. I still have accounts at both sites, but I don't post at the NRama much, and apparently that's true for a lot of people. An easy, short-hand way of gauging activity at a forum is to check how long a thread stays on the front page. While I know NRama has many more members, and I assume more hits, the Outhouse usually wins that comparison. I was surprised recently when I logged on to NRama and discovered that moderators there are clamping down on references to the "other site". Apparently, the Outhouse has become NRama's kinda' evil twin. I don't know if that's fair, but it is interesting. Comicdom's number site, at least for now, dogged by a spin off forum. (Is NRama still number one, or has CBR overtaken it? I'm too uninterested to check.) One of the reasons it's interesting, to me anyway, is that, as an Outhouse poster, I hadn't given the NRama connection much thought. It comes up, I know, and the Outhouse is still the first refuge for those fed up with NRama, but the site stopped being a shadow of the House of Brady long before Imaginova came along and has since resumed it own course.

I'm bringing up this up to say, check us out! We're a fun site. We're an informed and informative bunch of assorted geeks and idiots. You'll fit right in.

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