Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bleeding Cool

The longest running online comics column, Lying in the Gutter, has come to an end, but come Monday Rich Johnston will be back with a new blog, Bleeding Cool.

Ellis will be a contributor.


Westside Goth said...

Lying in the Gutters gets too bad a rap from comic fans. All the time I read them Johnston got a number of rumors right. As well as breaking some interesting stories.

David Bird said...

Its early days, but I like the site and the forum.

Westside Goth said...

RE from my Blog: Tiny Titans is fun. The first few issues were cute but it got better and better.

And yeah, fables crossover is the best. Most satisfying since Sinestro Corps. Though... I actually only liked the GL issues and even skipped the specials. But those GL issues were cool. But Fables is overall a better crossover than that.