Monday, July 20, 2009

Forty Years Ago Today

I remember when Armstrong landed on the moon. I was six and my family gathered around our little black and white TV and watched the historic event live. I watched as much of the landings as I could after that, but I was only nine when the Apollo program finished. It didn't seem possible that this many years would pass and nothing more would happen.


Westside Goth said...

Re: Yeah, we'll see. I just feel as if they aren't thinking about what they can do with the character but instead about how much money they can make. Just sort of frustrating as a Superman fan.

Hey... All Star Superman won best continuing series and Bill Willingham best writer at this years Eisners.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so right. We have so much technology now, but NASA is too busy wasting their time deciding whether or not Pluto is a planet! Shouldn't they be more focused on landing on OTHER planets?

(Personally, I think Pluto IS a planet)