Monday, November 2, 2009

Still Here. Really.

Looking back it seems like May was the last month in which I really did any blogging at all. For the last couple of months I blogged exactly one time each. Not good. But I am still here and I will try to make an effort. I haven't been writing for Paperback Reader either or Christian Beta. Well, a little bit for the latter. Its getting to the point where I am actually starting to miss it. I did finish a short story I started last summer. I think if I had worked on that everyday it could have been done in a couple of months! I have given it to two or three friends to read, and told some family members they're welcome to look too. Once I get some feedback I will give the story a last going over.

I am adding Robot 6 to my list of Sites Worth Noting and I am leaving you with another of Paul Pope's brilliant Dune pages. This one isn't from his blog (it's from the Dharblog). As far as I can tell he is just doing these as the inspiration strikes. There doesn't seem to be any grand plan, and he certainly isn't working on an adaption. Which is almost too bad. I say almost because he is still working on Battling Boy and First Second isn't going to re-release THB until they're ready to release Battling Boy (I emailed them and asked). So once he's done that, maybe then he can start on Dune?

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