Monday, January 25, 2010

Sixteen Miles To Merricks

My online comics reading has been slowing down and you probably have noticed that the number of links of have has been dropping. I was down to two, Sin Titulo, which is on hiatus while Stewart illustrates Batman & Robin, and Freak Angels, which is coming to an end. Fortunately, I just finished a very interesting graphic novel, which is also available online. Its called Sixteen Miles To Merricks.

I first got my hands on a copy a while ago, but on flipping through it I realized I couldn't read it. Not yet. I was - and still am - writing a story which features giant tardigrades and in it these water bears are responsible for moving the main character from one place to another. I crack open the book and what do I see? A giant tardigrade moving the main character from one locale to another. You think you have an original idea! Anyway, I have written enough drafts since then to have a feel for my own story and so I finally read the book. I liked it - a lot! - and you can check out the title story by clicking on the link to your left. It is not the story that features the water bear. You can find more of creator Barnaby Ward's work at his site

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