Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Guess who has a new sidekick? Batman 697 came out today and the big surprise wasn't who the Black Mask was, but the introduction of Kitrina Falcone as Catgirl. The oversized running shoes and ears remind me of Carrie Keen's version, though nothing else about the costume does. Selina herself is said to be an illegitimate daughter of Carmine Falcone, which would, I think, make her Kitrina's aunt. As a charcter, this could go either way. In the hand of the right author, she could bring a lot out of Selina, but given the DCU of late, she could just as easily be dead in a year.

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Westside Goth said...

its like more than half the teen or franchise based youngsters in the DCU are girls. you notice that? not reading that book but kinda like the idea. now we just need to check in on lady shiva and her aspiring sidekick whose the daughter of the crime doctor. thank god gail simones coming back to BoP, so many missing characters.

David Bird said...

I'd like to see Shiva spend more time with her own kid.

Actually, I'd just like to see more of her kid, who has been MIA too long.

Westside Goth said...

so cassandra cain is her daughter? wasn't exactly sure but wiki's helping on that. i heard that they were planning to do something with cain but thats DC of late. sayting lots of stuff. i'm probably in need to right a piece bitching about them.