Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The One Place James Bulger Isn't

Last week three guys approached me at work. They identified themselves as police and asked to speak to the manager. Well, the owner was out of town, it was the manager's day off, and the assistant manager had just stepped out for an appointment. I told them to come back in an hour, if they wanted to see her, and didn't give it another thought. The next day there was a wanted poster in the staff room for one of the FBI's most wanted, James Bulger. The cops were FBI agents on the trail of a Boston mobster, who loves books, and his mistress.

Somehow the news of their visits to Victoria bookstores got out and today the store was inundated by journalists wanting to talk to someone. Local, national, and even American radio, newspaper, and TV stations wanted a comment. We even got calls from people wanting to report sightings. (We directed them to the police.) After today I think we can be pretty certain that if there is one place James Bulger isn't, its shopping in Victoria bookstores.