Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm not dying!

A few weeks ago I had some blood tests done. My wife and I had decided to switch our life insurance policies and the new insurer wouldn't sign us up without tests. She passed her tests. I did not. Why I didn't wasn't clear. There were some reading, chemical balances, that weren't what they could be. So I went to my doctor and had more tests. And more. And then an ultra-sound. That was last Friday. When I was there the tech mentioned that I had Courvoisier's sign, an inflammation of the gall bladder.

But its not just any inflammation. Courvoisier is often indicative of pancreatic cancer, a form of cancer with a miserable survival rate. Less than one in twenty. I don't know what the grieving stages are but I started with denial and what just coming to terms with the possibilities when I went in today to see my doctor about the ultra-sound. Neither the doctor, the actual doctor, at the clinic where it was done, nor my own doctor, saw anything wrong with me. Nothing. My doctor is going to order one more series of blood tests, and then call it a day. 'Normal' health is defined by averages and even if my blood work is a little unusual, everything points to me being a very healthy 47 year old.

Stupid tech.

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