Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wildstorm RIP

By now comic fans will know that DC has shut down its Wildstorm imprint and will be importing its characters into the DCU. I don't know what that means yet. Neither does anyone else.

Yesterday the BEAT had a long piece--read the comments too--on the Wildstorm Legacy. Its long and impressive. So much so that I was left wondering which imprint will have the greatest legacy, Wildstorm or Vertigo. Vertigo has had a great run and has enough juice in it to avoid the same fate, for now away, but its legacy of "mature" comics has been pretty much reduced to four letter words and nudity.

Wildstorm's legacy, on the other hand, is being felt in so many ways. For example, Dark Horse just announced a BPRD Omnibus. A concept Wildstorm, through the Absolute format, introduced.

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Westside Goth said...

Yeah, somethings up with Vertigo. I love Fables but there is little I really am interesting in. Lately it seems like all crime noir OGNs and weird bookts like Sweet Tooth. Though that I, Zombie books looks sort of entertaining.

Maybe they should move from mature and just be the creator owned company.