Sunday, October 17, 2010

And Who Doesn't Want To Be The Next Felicia Day?

My daughter Lan has been recruited to help with the editing of an online project called For Villains By Villains, created by Jeff Saamanen and Devan Douglas. Its (very) early days, but they've posted a couple of trailers and will post a couple more soon. In an effort to generate fans--and investors so they can do much, much more--they are asking that people not only log on and watch, but that they create their own supervillain as well. As the site develops the plan is that you will use these personae to interact with one another and some lucky fans will even be included in future webisodes.

Personally I thought the two trailers that are now up were fun and had an obvious Whedon influence and because my kid is involved I've posted about it on a few forums and now here. Go. Enjoy.

If anyone wants more info, you can contact Jeff at

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