Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vote Now!

Canada Reads is a very popular literary contest on CBC radio. Each year five panel member pick the book they think the nation should be reading and, over the course of a week, the members vote each others' titles off. Those whose books aren't chosen continue to vote for/against other titles. I work in a book store, trust me: whoever gets wins gets a big boost in sales. In fact, all the books get a boost.

This is the 10th anniversary so, to mix things up a bit, the CBC is letting listeners come up with the list. The first round is over and they have a top 40. On that list is two graphic novels! Essex County and Skim. I haven't read Skim, but I think Essex County is great (read my review here). This program appeals to the literary minded. The kind who will read Maus and Persepolis, but look down their noses at other graphic novels as sub-literate. Yet there they are, not one, but two graphic novels. Follow the link and vote for one of them. I am not kidding about the sales boost. You'll be doing either author a big favour.

Oh, and by the way, once you've voted, let others know. Get them to support one of these great titles!

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