Friday, January 14, 2011

The World At Large To Return

For 14 months, ending in December 2007, I contributed articles to a webzine called subter. For the last three months I wrote a column called The World At Large, which addressed current events. It only went for three months because the 'zine folded. That's was okay. While the column was just warming up, I think everyone involved agreed subter had run its course.

But I have often thought of going back and re-introducing the column to this blog and this year I am going to do just that. On the first Monday of each month, you can expect a new The World At Large column right here at David Bird. The three I wrote for subter addressed Central Europe and the rise of Russian nationalism, the Blackwater massacre in Iraq, and whether the Iraq invasion marked the end of American dominance. Of the three, the only one I would change is the latter. I think I was far, far too optimistic about America's abilities to recover. This upcoming one will also focus on the US. It will look at the recent shooting in Tuscon and what it means for American civil society. See you February 7th.

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