Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Comics

Batgirl #20: Steph wins the first round with her new nemesis, The Order of the Scythe; and, thankfully, it was not a SUV, but a boxily (“boxily”?) drawn compact.

B.P.R.D.: The Dead Remembered #1: Okay, but just okay. It was a lot of set up and not much new ground. This three parter is supposed to tell the story of Liz Sherman and her early days as a ward of the Bureau. Its never been the subject of a story in itself, but it has actually been touched on more than once and I don't know what more they can bring to it.

Casanova: Gula #4: Fraction and Co. finishes up the old business and are already at work on new business, Casanova: Avaritia. Having read the original run of this series, there weren’t any surprises for me, but it held up well and I am eager for more.

Dark Horse Presents #1: Dark Horse’s anthology’s first issue and… its looking pretty good. With any anthology there are bound to be winners and losers and this issue had one of each. The rest were fine, but so many were only the first chapter of longer stories that I am withholding judgement at this point. The winner and loser? The loser was the short story by Ellison. A pot shot at Ann Coulter? Who cares? The best was McNeil’s “Finder: Third World.” Finder in colour! I’d like to see more.

Hellboy: Buster Oakley Gets His Wish: Hellboy + cattle mutilation + aliens + teen devil worshippers. We’ve had aliens in the earlier Hellboy comics, so they are a part of the broader Mignola-verse, but it didn’t really come together for me.

Infinite Vacation #2: Issue one set up the concept and issue two sets up the problem and cast of characters. Hopefully issue three won’t be delayed and the story will be off and running. Still very interesting.

Rasl #10: Doors are opening and closing for Robert/Rasl. A solid chapter in a larger arc, but series’ many delays are costing this title. This chapter would have been a much better read if the flow of issues were smoother. Also, I seem to be one of the few readers still bothering with the single issues. Smith is a huge success. If he spent more time getter this one out, it would be as big as anything Kirkman puts out.

Who Is Jake Ellis? #3: A good issue. Things are turning around and it looks like Jon is going to become more pro-active. We still don’t have a lot of answers, but this issue left me expecting a lot from issue four.

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