Monday, January 23, 2012



Written by Nicolas De Crecy, Art by Nicolas De Crecy
Vol. 1: Transports of Love (2010)
Vol. 2: An Eventful Crossing (2011)
Published by NBM

The new year gets off to a great start with two books by Nicolas De Crecy.

Salvatore is about three love stories. The title character is a miniscule mechanic who pours all his love into the construction of his Julie-mobile, so that he can travel to South America to be with his love. Lea is a goth cat—all the characters are anthropomorphized animals—who finds, and pours all her maternal love onto, a little piglet. Amandine is a sow and mother of Lea’s piglet. So myopic that she’s practically blind, she has all but turned her back on her twelve other children in her obsession to find her one lost child.

The stories share themes of blindness and obsession. Each character is in love and tries reshaped their world in honour of their love. But their world’s aren’t as malleable as they believe and while they each pursue their ideals they leave behind a considerable amount of wreckage. Salvatore has built his vehicle by stealing parts from his clients. Lea’s parents, who are quite rich, are deeply opposed to having a pig in their house and, because Lea absolutely refuses to get rid of it, are manipulating things in the hopes of getting her to do what they want. And Amandine’s ignored children have turned to a life of crime and fraud in order to support themselves. Everything is constantly on the verge of ruin, and yet everyone pushes on. Salvatore and Amandine have deeply compromised themselves in their pursuit of love. Lea’s wealth has helped keep her hands clean, but her father has set up a long line of dominoes and it is obvious a day of reckoning is coming.

I enjoyed De Crecy’s Glacial Period very much and picked these up with great expectations. I was not disappointed. His is the work of a fully matured and gifted cartoonist, and he tells each of these stories with sympathy, but without excuses. I am sure you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

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