Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Well, its been a month since I've posted here (just about), though I've posted on my other blog. Tomorrow the school's winter break ends and normality returns. I have the day off, in lieu of the stat holiday, which fell on one of my regular days off, so it'll be like the beginning of a normal week for me.

At this point I don't really have a vision for the blog in the coming year. I may put up more film reviews. Maybe some comic ones too. I plan to re-read Grant Morrison's Animal Man, a greatly unappreciated work, and Stephanie Brown's Batgirl run, also greatly unappreciated. Maybe I'll write something up about them.

Creatively, I intend to spend much of 2012 researching a novel I've been turning over in my head for some time now. It takes place in ancient Greece and I've put together a good reference library. Now I just need to familiarize myself to the point that I feel comfortable in that world. I've also collected up all the extant dramatic and comedic works of Greek theatre, there aren't that many, in order to get a feel for their storytelling. Apart from the plays, there isn't much besides Homer and Hesiod. By the summer I hope to be at work on a proper outline.

I am also busy with my church right now. We have just merged with another church, which is quite a story in itself, but a story for another time, and we're spending a lot of our energy ensuring things get off to a smooth start. Its something everyone wants, but making it a reality will take work.

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