Monday, February 13, 2012

Win-Win For Obama

The current debate of the provision of birth control by religious employers was met with glee by Republicans at CPAC, the right's Comic Con. Finally something they can all rally around. Finally something to unify a divided field. But maybe this isn't blessing it first appears to be, at least not for them.

While it does give them common cause with one another, at highlights the degree to which party activists are out of step with most Americans. I don't think I've read an article on the condemnation of the Catholic Bishops, for example, that didn't also point out that 98 percent of American Catholics ignore their leadership and practice birth control.

The sight of the right lining up against the reproductive freedom of women is also a boost for Obama. Christopher Hitchen's wrote an expose on Bill Clinton called No One Left To Lie To, which detailed his abandonment of each and every one of his values and those of his supporters in the name of political expediency. There was really no one he wasn't willing to throw under a bus to avoid a bad headline. Except one group. He consistently favoured abortion rights activists against the religious right, a group that was then growing in power and influence. As a result he gained the support of many who were otherwise unhappy with his administration and questioned many of his decisions and policies. It was him or turning the clock back on Roe V. Wade and many other gains. Obama came in on a wave of optimism and he has frequently done things--or failed to do things--souring those early supporters. But for every Republican gleely denouncing the President there were countless people watching them, thinking they had better get to work to ensure none of them come near the White House.

Putting another barrier between the Republican party of the independents and moderates they near to win, and rallying support for the White House. A win-win for Obama.

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